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About Us

Little John & Petit Coco is the story of a little girl 'Coco' and her bear named 'Little John'. Little John is always standing by her side and together, hand in hand, they have the greatest adventures.


Because every child is beautiful and fulfilles our lives with the indescribable joy, they deserve the best. We offer a collection of affordable childrenswear with an eye for the playfulness of your child. Children grow up in a blink of an eye, so we are here to bring the best out of their childhood. This means that we are concerned about the comfortability and usability of each piece of clothing. We only choose clothing items which are child-friendly. We attach importance to the fabric, the softness and the practical aspect of clothing pieces depending on the age of the child. We believe in qualitative clothing and accessories which are the perfect match for your child to have it's own great adventures in a fun-loving world.


From baby nests in which they experience the outside world for the first time, till the umbrellas and rain boots in which they have their splashing adventures. We offer a collection which is perfect for your school-going child to wear on a daily basis but we also have a wide range of clothing and accessories for your child to dress up for the weekend or special occasions like weddings, baptism, communion, birthdays and many other days where we just love to see our children in a beautiful outfit.

We bring your child's wardrobe to the next level by offering beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories, loved and wanted by children as well as adults. We are continuously busy with finding beautiful and unique pieces for your little ones.



We offer a collection with adorable and affordable pieces. Off course we are aware that affordability is a relative concept which depends on the situation of each person and family. Little John & Petit Coco has a vision of price-consciousness where we search for a balance between the value of the clothing pieces and its price. We always offer similar pieces in different price categories and with our category 'Best prices' we make shopping as accessible as possible by showing the most affordable pieces, without compensating on quality. We never compensate on quality because buying a cheap piece of clothing which does not last long is buying expensive. 


We are aware of the impact that our lives have globally on this world so to guarantee the future of all children and out of respect for this amazing world, we choose as many as possible for ecological solutions, without compromising on quality. From paper packing lists till our postal and expedition boxes, we send all our items with green packaging, 100% made from vegetable raw materials that are fully compostable and CO2 neutral. We also attach great importance to the well being of animals. We give the absolute preference of working with fur free retailers and will always choose for faux fur. Together with the brands we work with, we are taking care of this world.

Any suggestions are always welcome!  

Have a look around and feel the sheerness of the clothing, shoes and accessories we offer you & your child. 

Kisses from Little John & Petit Coco

- xxx -